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like i want a bit explain more about this .like u come to casino start chat u get any drop so what do u make with it u keep it or u start playing with that . i am in trouble with this when i start playing some time i bust my drop case the remaining rolls gonna end soon or other wise i carry it to some where that is looks like good . so when i care like keep carry my coin to higher amounts it gives excitement and i do even feel better with other coins too and feel proud with my self that i make fast goals sometime . so after this part i think i need to rise bet to have payout goal .. so much more time in high bets i am in trouble too maybe case i do not choose true amount for my bets . but there is some shiny moments between this hole things when u bet high and u win it too . so what is you strategies u may commend back this and we speak about . 1 : some get rains and do not play stack that than play with it 2: some of friends just start with rain amount and have goals carry them to somewhere they think is fine 3: maybe some of u have other strategies use bank deposit 4 : some try fro deposit play and have goals too and so so .... it is about all about different strategies and way u treat and play maybe so are so marts maybe some are starters . maybe some just do not care this and the are deposit players . so i wanted to ask about your strategies and ideas about how do u playing u may want to part of this topic too tanks .... i will check for any questions or ideas maybe u have . good luck