Windice; yet loved more!


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Windice; yet loved more

We joined being unknown!
Got into a relationship!
That of the most kind!
Most favorable,
And desirable!
Then lost many!
Much in crypto
Windice; yet loved more!

Plinko threw us on 0.2x,
Sometimes on 2x,
Dice got us good multipliers,
Most got 9900 multipliers,
They met with happiness,
And then Almost busted,
But what next?
Windice; yet loved more!

You might have crush,
But what about crash?
It goes high,
And comes down!
Get us profit within one shot,
And make us in lose for many shots,
But do you know?
Windice; yet loved more!

Do you know, we break!
Fall departed,
And reemerged fast,
Reason might be unknown!
But people in Windice!
They are caring, supportive!
Loveable and humble!
That is what all?
Windice, even loved more and more!

Do you feel the same as these lines are narrating? I feel so much love here, whether bust my coins or lose my friends here! On the very 2nd moment some more and trustable coins-play and friends I get. Love and respect for windice! It not only became a source of income but a community to within an online platform! He he 😁