Windice In House GAMES!


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if you are given 10 points and you can distribute it randomly to our windice in house games how will you give the points when it comes to how often you play it, how fun you play it and how much bet you willing to bet on it .

for me this is how i put it

Dice - 5 (due to the fact that its the ultimate dice ! you can move it around on different numbers it is very versatile )
Crash - 3 ( of course crash who doesnt love crash !)
roulette- 0.5 not enough players to play with
Plinko - 1.5 (i dont do plinko much unless its a forum challenge or want to kill time)

how about you guys How you score em in house games ?
For me i would give CRASH a 6 point. Super duper love love crash. Yey! Fly high til I crash. Hahahaha!

Id give DICE a 1.5 point because, I dnt like it that much but dice here is cooler than in other casinos as Windice have other options in playing dice. I mean, it has other cool features like the IN and OUT option. And also you can edit the range if you are on the 'HUNT' and would like to get higher profit for hitting certain numbers when hunting. This is so cool specially when forum and telegram challenge is on and the game is DICE. But I really dont like DICE that much, honestly. Hahahahaha!
1.5 for plinko, it's nice. Can get profit for each drop that falls on holes with 1. Something and up. However, its boring. Can make anyone sleep and forget that their plinko game is still on and their money is slowly decreasing. Hahahaha!

Then .5 each for wheel and roulette. Havent tried em yet. So not sure how nice or sucking they are as a game here in windice.

That's all folk, thank u 😂😂😂🤭🤭
i would really just love to put it all in into dice though. im not fun with plinko nor crash and also roulette can be so mean. wheel will get 1point i would say. lol but anyway i will go for 7 dice, plinko 1 and 1 for crash never mind roulette
The excitement of your casino never fails to ignite the fire in me. Of course, I lose too, but the joy of the victories covers that. I even told Reddit about you!