Wincoin Daily Contest


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Hello dear windicers! Today I want to tell you about this daily contest offered by Windice; "Wincoin Daily Contest" many of you must already know what I'm talking about, but, it turns out that now it got much more interesting because the competition is from you to you, that is; you will no longer have the need to stress about whether or not you will be in the top 10 table and you will wonder how that is possible? Well, windice gave you the option to become a ghost using the bank you could hide your balance in the bank and not appear in the table of the best 10 and when there was little left to finish the time you withdrew the balance from the bank and surprised by being in a good position in the contest. Now the rules of the game changed a bit and that's why I say it got much more interesting because if you lose, you lost and dot hehe, but if you are in the table it is because you are participating and you have a much better chance of winning. 🎲🤼‍♀️🤼‍♂️

PS: Now I like it much more because it has more adrenaline and I love adrenaline hehe 🤪