Why is February 14 celebrated as Valentine's Day?

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Well, maybe most of you have wondered who Valentine is and why they call him "San" even I have wondered, I thought he was really an angel who came with his bow to arrow hearts on February 14 haha, But, it turns out that everything has an origin and I am going to summarize its history so that you know it already! Valentine was a priest who was in Rome in the third century, he was dedicated at that time to marry young lovers in secret; He married soldiers to his fiancées in the dungeons of the prisons of the empire at the time when Christianity was banned by Emperor Claudius II (hence it was popularized that Valentine was the patron saint of lovers), When Claudius II found out he sent for him and as he only intended to rebuke and banish him, but apparently, under the influence of other high officials, he had Valentine beheaded on February 14, 270, alleging disobedience and rebellion.

The days he had in prison waiting for his execution, he saw that the judge's daughter was blind and prayed to God that the young woman would have the joy of being able to see, Then during his transfer to the square for execution, he gave the girl a piece of paper to read. The girl, without understanding the reason since she was blind, opened the paper and for the first time I can see and the first thing he saw was a phrase that said "Your Valentine" as a form of farewell. Some historians who support this story as the only and true, assure that Valentín would have fallen in love with the girl, so his symbolism as a saint of love was greater.

Now, during ancient times, a pagan festival dedicated to fertility was celebrated in Rome; called Lupercalia and in the course of this feast, women expected to be beaten with whips made of goat and dog skin, They were wet with the same blood of these animals, since they believed that this ritual gave them fertility.
Centuries later, in the year 496; Pope Gelasius I banned the celebration of Lupercalia and established February 14 as Valentine's Day. Years later, in 1382, the English writer, Geoffrey Chaucer, wrote a poem entitled: Parliament of the birds, in which Valentine's Day is mentioned for the first time as a day dedicated to love. For this reason, February 14 is commemorated as Valentine's Day every year.

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