Who do you call friends?


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Who do you call friends?

"Life without friends is like a tree without water." The quote is prepared by myself. I have seen people coming in life with the purpose of friendship, but with an extra purpose to make their works done. And I have see people in fear of making friends because they were used. It caused nothing but a threat to whether make friends or not? If not make why? If make so what kind of friends? These all questions may wonder in everyone's mind and they generate so many allusions in different minds. Let's have them a little more talked on behalf of my perspective, it may matches one's mind.

I enter in windice when my cousin refer it to me! He said that it is a platform for earning some sum of money which can be a sort of help in studies. I had no perfect idea what to do! He just suggested me of rolling! And later I got something more exciting. There are chatrooms through which one can have a good conversation. Remember always having a conversation with a stranger does not make them your friends! With these conversations, I made some so-called friends! Friends they were when I was rich, in need of help when I was, they ignored me! Shall I say that they were mu real friends? I would never ever say!

On the other side, I have met people with no purpose to only ask for help! They had helped many people just because of getting happiness and friendship. LamoLoverLol, one of my greatest friends in Windice. He not only helped me out of cryptos but was a source to let me be motivated. When I lost, his words were like spirits, they took me high and boosted me up. I would say he was a real friend. Because he did always respect people not because of richness, but because of building a good connection in between! He knows what to speak to whom! How to behave well and how! I really like him very much, in short, he is more than ever a friend.

Let me not bound my friend list with just him. Along27, another greatest friend. He did not ask me for the help ever, and never did I, but when he won some cryptos he tipped me! The reason behind his tip was to help me accomplish my forum challenge. He said the care for him to others is all he would always step ahead. I always find him happy among people for the purpose to spread love and happiness. He is forever in hearts of people.

Wait! What am I saying? Does only helping becomes a source of identifying friendship? Is not it called loving them because they tipped cryptos? Or just said some words?

To point it strong, they both have not just been kind hearted in sharing, but all the qualities exist in them to be called true friends. They are sharers, they are motivators, they are friendly to everyone, they are always smiling to make others smile and they are with every other quality of friendship that I might don't know!

Getting these qualities in one, though in an online platform, is nevertheless be called a real human being! Love and respect for both of them :)

I call them, literally, true friends!