When did you start in crypto and why


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I started about 4 years ago first I was a GPU miner for doge after that I was a cloud miner which I will say did not work out for me.

The only way I been able to stay in crypto is the affiliate_profiles offered by must crypto companies must of they gambling sites.

I would like to know when you started and what you do to make crypto.
I got to know about crypto currency in the late 2016 at that time a friend of mine who told me about crypto currency also introduced me to Bitcointalk.org where I can participate in signature and bounty campaign and get reward in Bitcoin.
Presently, I make my Bitcoin and other altcoins via signature campaign, trading and gambling.
started playing poker at swc back then the freeroll gives 0.5 btc and then poker died a player referred me to moneypot to play poker and then saw some dice games got hook and never looked back again
i got started collecting faucets.. and i still do that..

now i invest small amounts for long term saving every week

and all those small faucet claims are used for messing about on the gambling sites. and so far im in profit on that.

but if i hit a deficet its not a big problem as faucets are free after all.
My journey so far into the world of cryptocurrency started back in 2017 when the crypto market started bulling all over but dropped out after the bull run. I eventually came back to live in December, 2018 till now am happy be part of cryptocurrency in full-time. Bounties done and dusted and will never go back to it again expect when the bull run will start.
My husband started YEARS ago & had ant miners all over our garage. I didn't know anything about it & wasn't interested at all. I don't remember how or why I suddenly got interested, but it was after the ant miners. I spent a small fortune on hardware & finally have a 1080 graphics card & started mining 24/7. I also started gambling & buying crypto to just hold in an account. The only thing I haven't done is trading, but that's because every time I get near one of the large trading sites, my brain just fries. About once a month I will go back to see if I can figure it out, but end up saying "later" every time.
I started on claiming on different faucets back in 2012. I saw in a forum that I am a member that we can earn money by doing so. Back then the faucets are giving high amount of sats. I was just a broke student so I often sell my earn satoshis right away not thinking it will moon in the future.
It started 5 years ago when still the faucet gave some money and started because I liked the money which was what motivated me to continue here where one is standing to get more money with the cryptomonedas
i started in crypto around the same time as you. And i have learnt alot. The secret to crypto is to fing one coin or token with a lot of potential in the future. Buy lots of it and hold. Don't be scared when the market goes up and down. One altcoin i found recently to this effect is birdchain
with their defi swap and nft coming up, bird token will pump hard.

i've got 1M of bird tokens in hodl

check the swap
2 years ago. Just like instantly tradable assets with the potential to make some coin aswell as have fun trading. plus blockchain concept is cool.
i started in crypto since the days of bitcoin being pennies. i had lots of it, sold it cheap that time and broke now. I read through the comments and a lot of people started different ways. i noticed Nnxqtut130 mentioned birdchain and i looked into it.

The project is solid with good roadmap and products coming up. I bought some of it to hold till they release their defi swap and nft. The bird price could pump and i make a money. Go check it out birdchain. Aside that im look at cake, xtz and others