What is Web 3.0 development?


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Web3 is the third generation of the internet, that allows users more than read/write it allows users to interact with the data they get from the web3. Web3 is decentralized, I mean purely decentralized internet because it doesn’t rely on any centralized server or tech giants. Web3 will be developed on the blockchain which offers a decentralized nature. Web3 also allows users to take control of their data. No one will be able to delete or modify the content without any confirmation from the owner.

But Web3 development cannot be explained in simple terms. Because there are a lot of things available when we simply say the term web3 development. Ok, let me come to the point, anything that will be developed under the conditions that meet the web3 supportive factors can be defined as web3 development. Such as,

Web3 Platform Development

Web3 Wallet Development

Web3 Social media Development

Web3 Metaverse Development, etc.

You can ask that those are already available in the industries, you are just simply defining it by adding a web3 ahead of those words. Well, dear folks, it is not like that.

Currently, we are having those platforms that rely on the centralized internet. But when we step into the web3, that platform will be supported by more powerful & efficient technologies like AI, Machine learning, NLP, blockchain, etc. Now we are only experiencing the metaverse using wearables, but Web3 can be a platform that can offer a meta experience without any wearables.

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