What is a fractional NFT?


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A fractional NFT is an entire NFT that will be split into multiple pieces, which allows users to claim their favorite NFT small part.

In terms of fractional nfts, the nft will be processed with the help of a smart contract for creating a pre-limited number of small nfts. Those small NFTs are linked with the original undivided NFT.

These fractional nfts show the percentage of part of the ownership for the NFT holders. Like the classic NFT, F-NFT can be traded in NFT marketplaces.

The fractional NFTs can also benefit creators, collectors, & fractional nft marketplace admins with their divided ownerships leading to more user ROI for creators, a low budget for collectors, & higher liquidity value for the marketplace.

In 2022 July, the value of the fractional NFTs is just 13 Million, but in 2023 they got doubled to 32 Million. Fractional nfts can grow even more with the availability of web3.

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