New What exactly did you like on the site?



What exactly did you like on the site?
Tell us in expanded form. The best answer will get a modest prize from me.

frienly mods good faucet and friendly chat love u windice xxxx good luck in life ...thanks for nice faucet. thanks for the exchange.. and if u can add buy coins i get scammed every way whan im looking to buy coins ....:)
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I like a lot of competitions in your site and the most important is a variety. Responsive site administration, and fast and high-quality deposits and withdrawals)) Thank you for your site, I wish you success and keep up the good work)
i think in the dice history its unique and best site for all user we hunt every roll where we thought ...and its a best site with is forum giveaways the mods of all site is so happy and good persons for all guys i think its best site in all dice sites..its so helpful site for all new guys and they can not afford deposit in dice sites...its best with his raindrops and faucets.....Its a best I love windice in fact win or lose its my goodluck or bad luck but its a best site ...
It's a very good site, but there are only four coins, if they add more coins that's be great
  • Development and Improvement
The teams have developed a dice gambling site with great UI/UX and made some improvement which i have never seen it before, such as we can customize our bet range and put it anywhere as we want. Then there are faucets game and chat rains, those are very interesting for me when i first time came to the site.
  • Supports by teams
The teams always have great and fast respond regarding any issues had faced by players or the problem on the site itself. For example in few months ago there were players who cheating the site and teams can handle it as well and reset their funds as before.

I always have a lot of interest in any windice update. Sometimes I curious about what is the next update, what will teams doing to make the site better and attract new players to play here.
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I like how the windice idea setup for betting. It is range "win" for each bet. Maybe it will increasing the win ratio for players. Such as: we can play 2x and change the range is 25-75 instead of only 0-50 as others dice site.
i love this site beacose a great faucet inistant withdrowl and admin are so friendly. i just love it.
i love this site beacose a great faucet inistant withdrowl and admin are so friendly. i just love it.
Not only admins but also windice community are so friendly, they will make a small conversation when you come to chat room which can make you feel comfortable to stay on the site. 😁
The part that got my attention was the design and lay out. Then after watching the chat was very impressed with the sense of community you guys have developed here.
the most and advance feature here is choosing my own lucky number to hunt for .. that's why windice have edge between casino's
I like about windice is instant withdrawal ,chat rains ,forum discussions ,giveaways and the most important the range of roll, i din't see anywhere that we can set range where i want to, on other site range will be fixed but here we can setup our range as we want .

Instant withdrawal----Due to instant withdrawal, site makes itself more attractive to players because on other sites they need time to withdrawal , for this reason we din't hesitate before deposit because after getting profit we can withdraw our amount instantly .

chat rains -----------in chat we get huge amount of coins by rains ,on other site they give us penny amount like 0.3 doge ,due to this reason,those who don't want to deposit they can also make money from this site (be just active in chat ),and the most beautiful thing is they can withdraw their amount without deposit .

forum discussions----In forum discussions we get announcements ,giveaways and any type of support by windice moderator that can help us to grow.

Giveaways -----------from giveaways we can make more profit from this website via moderator giveaway ,also the great thing about this is we are learning too much things in here ( like poster making ),contest make us to do such like things.

Range of roll--------here we can set our range of roll due to this feature we are able to fix our range and make profit from it on other site we feel handicap because we stuck in their range.

NEED TO IMPROVE (suggestion )

1.Add more coins in windice we gave most of the time in website but we make or collect only four coins ,if windice add more coins here then i think we add huge member here because of free chat rains that can make windice one step ahead

2. add hunting game (like get bet id, exact roll ,general knowledge questions etc ) in chat by moderator ,that keep us more engage because in chat conversation i see most of the people spamming, their conversation like good morning ,hi all etc (may be they use bot to send message like this )
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I really enjoy the slider bar and in an out style play. But I am most interested in the muti Ter affiliate_profiles. I really am enjoying the site so far.
Great site ever...I withraw here, even don't have deposit yet...great rain,great faucet and the best of all freindly people in chat, with a great and nce mod, like the giveaway in furom...hope it will last forever...Love U guys.
hae mod,,,please not need to change yet. its my suggestion for this site.
What exactly did you like on the site?
Tell us in expanded form. The best answer will get a modest prize from me.

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Please add more room,, im from indonesian, please create room ID...
U know?? Many indonesian people join and they are gone... Why? Because not have forum, room for comunication...
Chat rooms are one of the reasons why players can stay on site for a long time
Something about the look of the site made me actually click on a flashing ad on a site. I never do that, but I'm glad I did this time because the combination of the mods, the people, the generous rains, & the look & feel of the betting made this one an instant keeper. I have this site open in a tab 16 hours a day & pop in & say hi & place a bet in between all the other things I do during the day. The addition of an exchange is wonderful, the fact that we can can a photo next to our names liven up the chatroom. 4 different coins is a plus, the ability to private message someone, message boards ... there are so many reasons that this site is wonderful. I know I probably missed some stuff too!
🥳🤩Most importantly, the area you can choose for luck and your choice. In addition, the exciting environment of discourse. Thank you to the admin & mods for this emotional🤩🥳
Apart from many other things, I like the faucet in the form of a minesweeper game.


Sometimes I catch myself thinking of loosing all my balance as soon as possible just to be able to play with that faucet. :)