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Hi there, my dear friends! Lately, I've been really enjoying writing stories.
I created a story about a woman who lost his husband in a war. I know it's a bit sad, but don't worry, it's just imaginary : )

Waiting :

It's a great sadness when you're not here
5 o'clock in the afternoon, in the Park, next to the pine tree
Everything is in its place, I am here, it's time for our meeting, it's the park, and the bench is still empty in our memory
A hot cappuccino, our favorite drink, is in my hands, showing off in this cold weather
But something is missing, time has passed and you haven't come today like the days before
With great concern, I rush towards my phone and dial your number
The same useless operator!
+The mobile set is off
I wish they would fire this lazy operator who doesn't want to get up from laziness to connect my call to you, so I can hear your voice
I empty my frustration on the black crow sitting on the bench next to me and chase it away
The weather gets colder and darker, but you still haven't come
You're gone and I don't have you anymore, and I can't believe it
Tears fall from my eyes
From the eyes that he used to say each drop is a pearl of the sea..
An old woman in the park comes towards me and says, "You should live your life with beauty and youth, enough of grieving over old memories"
But she's wrong, I'm not alive
A bullet doesn't always kill one person
A bullet kills one person and two hearts
The war is over, the country is safe
But the safe embrace of my man will never be.

Feel free to share your opinions, even if they're negative. It helps me to improve my writing.

-this was imaginary but for sure there are families that still sad for their lost family member in wars . just like Palestine . why would people suffer for this.