Time to EARN/SAVE Coins Windice BEtting


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due to the ongoing downward trend of the cryptomarket now is the next best time to start earning coins for that reason coins are cheeaper meaning we have more coins to bet on windice more chances of winning.
i usually bet using dollar rate while playing on windice whatever coins im using , with dollar rate especially now while the coins are low when you are winning youll get more coins of course youll lose more coins also , but if you are good with your system and winning more, that coin accumulates and when that happens then you reached your profit limit and if you are willing to wwait until the coins are up again , that dollar value of that used to be low value coin will increase more than the value earned. Buy that you can sell that coin or use for it wagering
you can use compounding system (topic on the forum read on it its very useful) , vault a portion of your win everyday for the next 100 days. after 100 days hoping that the market is on bullish again you can reap your rewards and sell it win-win