The Path Changed


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"THE PATH CHANGED" (Short Story on the break up of unity)

"You are always late, you know I am tired of looking at the path you travel each day towards my directions!" Mehruk, with a disheartened sound, told.
Sachin kept fears of not losing, the connection with her, because their friendship supposed to have happiness to one another. Both of them had made life ease to each and normalized problems, in case, if occured.
Sachin spoke to the statement of Mehruk with sweet words, "Mehruk, you know. I always explore new things. Do you know? I found something very much special to be shown."
Mehruk knew that Sachin just had a perfect way of convincing and cooling her.
She asked for showing, "Oh! May I have a look to it?"
The question brought relaxations to Sachin. It might not be a source of relaxation to everyone. In Sachin's thinking, he saved himself being departed from him.
"Yep, I can show it." Sachin told while searching in his pocket.
"Where is it? I wish I had not lost it." He later added.
"There I go! Close your eyes first." Sachin told for letting it be a surprise.
Mehruk was as if to fly like birds in the sky very high. She looked glad and emotional when Sachin's words reached her ears. She, without using her lazy mind to think and tongue to say anything, closed hers.
"Now, open the eyes!" Sachin said.
"Wow Sachin! From where did you find it. It is so beautiful!" Mehruk added with an excited voice.
The material was like a triangle. Its sides were looking as if crashed. It looked to be departed, forcefully or incidentally, from its real being. However, it kept shining and absorbed sunshine to lighten itself more. All that Sachin seemed happy was the happiness of Mehruk after getting a seen to a material rare.
Sachin and Mehruk, had daily routine of meetup, on the way beyond their houses; that takes its walkers to the jungle. When they started moving, Mehruk got a call for returning home. She got some urgent works to be done that resulted Sachin a lonely walk in the jungle. Sachin sat under a tree to wait for some like 30 minutes if she would come. He received no presence of her to accompany him for today's visit in the jungle. So he moved on.
"Hello!" A sound from unknown direction travelled to dump ears of Sachin. Sachin could listen it low, and he responded not. The same sound surrounded Sachin. Sachin could think of nothing because of getting himself unconscious, the reason there were no one to speak to him. He was confused of whose sound would it be that his hearing sense caught! He looked worriedly towards each direction and found existence of non.
"Who is there?" Sachin with a shivering voice questioned.
His eyes were looking tensed and face ugly with the fear. Suddenly a bird rushed to him.
"It's me! Calling you out." The bird spoke.
"How can a bird speak?" Sachin asked himself within his mind. And got amazed.
"Who – Who are you? And how can you talk like a human being?" Sachin confusingly asked.
"I am Laachaar! I have been throwing my words to everyone crossing from here. No one has stopped or replied any of my talk. And fortunately, I got you, understanding what came out from my mouth." The bird, Laachaar, said sadly.
Sachin still feared of this speaking bird. He never ever experienced such a thing in his life, nor listened about. One could judge the conditions of Sachin through glaring him completely. Sachin's mouth shuttered itself after seeing a talking bird.
Laachaar told, "Don't be amazed that I am speaking!"
Sachin said with a little fear in his words, "I am not amazed, but birds were never ever found speaking like human!"
He questioned, "How is it possible for a creature nonetheless a human to talk words we use in our language, that is confusing me!"
Bird felt unhappy and told, "I keep no idea of that, but getting you be able of hearing me is good for me!"
The statement of goodness for a bird to talk to Sachin made him feel relaxed. He could not guess what kind of incident had happened to him and how can a bird get benefits because of him.
"Is everything alright?" Sachin inquired.
Laachaar was in sad feelings that let it be calmed for giving Sachin the answer, why has it been approaching human.
"I wish everything could have been alright, but unfortunately, I got lost my group of birds and have been wandering in a place look completely different and cruel enough to us!" Laachaar added his sorrowful words.
"Oh, that is sad to know. You told about cruelties of human to you, I could not get! We, people actually, love to have birds in our houses and feed them!" He narrated his words shockingly.
The moment he gave justification in favor of humans clicked Laachaar's mind for an attack to Sachin, but could not, because of being dependent. It tried to explain the cruelties in many ways if he was willing, then had gotten.
"Do you know? We birds have the most enjoyable moments when fly with our chums with a same speed and sometimes getting it to be a competition with one another. We love to eat other small effective germs with the ability of purrs we have to save other creatures. Human's made foods are not liked by us, indeed, but compelled to put them in our small mouths. I last night ate something with a bird in neighboring and got myself ill. And it becomes the hardest moment if one locks a bird like me in a small 4 walls place with a roof. Before someday I got caught and witnessed how hard that is for the rest of birds in. Though my fellow birds have different shapes or language to speak, but all we are named as birds!" Laachaar with teary eyes spoke these words to Sachin.
For Sachin, the words and the emotions raising from the eyes of Laachaar were worth a lesson of keeping no birds in caged. Sachin tried hard to keep himself controlled, but could not. He cleaned his tears with a handkerchief he had and looked towards Laachaar. All that he found, Laachaar missing from the place, it was sitting. He stood and shouted with a loud sound calling its name near the place, they met. And not a clue to get a get-together again.
"Where did the bird go? Or Laachaar, without saying his problems of approaching people?" Sachin questioned himself with a sad mood.
He felt ashamed later, the words Laachaar added, had clarified enough the injustice to them. He was covered with different and unbearable thoughts due to the incident. For a while, he sat silently with some like same imaginations of what happened in this duration. Mehruk was not with him to give him an advice and he felt uncomfortable. He chose to move back towards his home.
"What had happened to me today? Should I discuss this to Mehruk or not? If not to Mehruk, then is there any other trustworthy person to let the incident be shared with?" Sachin in his mind murmured with himself.
"Sachin, you have chosen a direction wrong. That might vanish the unity we all have today!" A thundering voice hit Sachin's mind.
Sachin stopped, he found himself meeting the same incident, he met a while before. This time he wasn't as much fearful as before. The material he found kept its lightening brighter and the sound he listened transferred from it to his. Sachin slowly took it out from his pocket.
"How do you know my name and.....?" Sachin with fast heartbeats asked.
"I read your mind when you took me. I am Unity of a triangle, the other parts have been directed to a path towards an unwanted point to be reached!" The material, Unity, spoke with a fearful sound.
"How have you been departed from other parts of you? And to a direction unwanted?" Sachin described his words hardly.
"We three had much love, peace and kindness to one another. Our world's creatures have never ever been in a trouble for a a second. One-day, something unseen had come inside our world. It threatened of getting it each and every resource, we had, in our surroundings. The trees, water, sand, including fruits of the land. The creature was tall enough. It had medicines that could disappear everything within one dose!" He told. Tears rolled from it. "It used a tactic for the departure of three of us, because we had stayed strong and ignored for offering him ours. I keep no idea, why other two have forcefully broken me from them and threw me far from them!" It added later cleaning its tears.
Sachin's heart felt pity of what happened to them and their connectivity.
"Sachin! Sachin!" Mehruk's sound reached to him.
"Yes, Mehruk. I am here!" Sachin let his location to be revealed to her.
"What are you doing here, don't you know, it is time for the sun to get downed! And the evils to come for searching innocent souls like us!" Mehruk warned Sachin.
"Hey Mehruk! Meet the material I found. It has something really heartening happening. It was not an incident to find it, but a solid reason behind it!" He indicated towards the direction, Unity was sitting. And found it not visible there.
"Sachin, what are you talking about?" Mehruk asked with an amazed face.
" I, I!" His words kept themselves untold.
"Yes, Sachin, are you fine!" Mehruk queried again.
"Yes, I am fine, but.....!" He told unconsciously.
Mehruk was getting it out of her mind and asked him, "But what, Sachin?"
"The world has departed, Unity's path was changed, forcefully, indeed!" He told and stopped his words.
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