THE ELUSIVE LUCK ( days of chasing)


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Have you ever felt your luck playing too much of your patience?
That for days, weeks to months you have been trying very hard to catch your luck but it seems too elusive?
That the more you try chasing it the more it runs far away from you?

Luck is very playful and such a teaser.
Sometimes it could be a never ending tunnel. The more you try to find the light, the deeper and darker it becomes. The more it drains and exhausts you. The more it tells you to give up because there is no hope in trying. Sometimes it could be a climate. Right now it's very sunny, later heavy rain would start falling down and just when you thought rain is over because the sun came back, you'd be surprised to see sun only showing up for few minutes and it would suddenly rain even harder. But just like after every rain, there will come the rainbow, showing up beautifully just for you. Smiling, telling you there is always hope in every battle.

And this always happen in GAMBLING, TRADING and other strategic games and activities.

Just when you thought you already know the strategies you can use to win, and just when you already are enjoying the moment because for days or weeks the strategies you used worked a lot and luck has been with you all the time, reds would suddenly start knocking you down, draining your balances, your energy and patience. Your green luck would suddenly change into long red one. And just like a never ending tunnel, your red luck will continue for days, to weeks or even months. It will demand for a very long rest and deep restoration in order for your luck to turn green again. And sometimes, just like the climate, your first few rolls would be nice, but as you continue rolling, small to huge reds would start dropping til it eats almost half your balance. And just when you thought it's going to give you nice huge greens again because you already are getting good scores again, it will suddenly surprise you with bigger reds until you only have a very little chance to win. But, just when you thought it's already over because as you see it, there no longer is any chance to get back what you lost in rolling, surprisingly you will be able to get back up using those funds left and just like a beautiful rainbow, your luck would turn colorful and give you light and hope again.

Ever noticed as well why others are very lucky wherever they go and whenever they gamble, while your luck only comes once or twice in a blue moon? When your great luck comes, it would give you ONE TIME BIG WIN, it would even stay with you for one whole day, but will leave you once again when you wake up the next day. And no matter how hard you try to search for that great luck everywhere it will show up no more. and It will take long days or weeks for it to come back again.
it sometimes is just like a relationship, others are lucky enough to have it while others are not. When luck loves you it will give you much love, but when you start abusing that love your luck gave you, it will leave you longer than you expected.

But well of course because you are a gambler, and because there are these sayings "winners never quit, quitters never win", "no risk, no reward", "no quit, no surrender", "hard work always pays off" and "try again another day", even if luck is super hard to catch and very slippery at times, you still are there. Rolling, wishing it would again turn green one day, patiently waiting and hoping.

So from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely wish you all one great luck. and when that great luck comes to you, hold it in and take good care of the profits it gave you. Never abuse that luck because the moment it gets mad, it will leave you with one huge damage. 😊 Believe me, been there done that many times. So take care ya'll.

keep safe and good day Windice community. 😊
On point. And again, always slow down in gambling. Save your money for more important things. It's always nice to win but saving money for more important things is still better than wasting them in playing and you'll end up zero balance. Always remember my advices to you.
On point. And again, always slow down in gambling. Save your money for more important things. It's always nice to win but saving money for more important things is still better than wasting them in playing and you'll end up zero balance. Always remember my advices to you.
Yes mod sorry i always forget your great advices 😞

So my luck lastnight in Telegram Crash hunt was amazing at first.
From 680 doge starting balance it went to 800+ doge many times. Huge multipliers showed up after another in many rolls.
1st hit - 9900x
2nd hit - 3051x
3rd hit - another 9900x
4th hit - 740x
5th hit - 791x
6th hit - 351
7th hit - 1808x
8th hit - 320x
9th hit - 629x
But then my crash started struggling during my 10th hit, however it still managed to fly to
400x after eating 150 doge.
11th hit - 9900x showed up for the 3rd time
12th hit - 501x
13th hit - 1789x
14th hit - 311x
15th hit - 371x
16th hit - 1366x
17th hit - 1120x
18th hit - 4104x
19th hit - 326x

Looking at the multipliers that showed up in my hunts lastnight, only few 300x showed up. Many of those are really huge ones.
But it took many rolls after completing my 10th hit so doge balance keeps going up and down. Everytime it reaches 800+ it would go back down to 700+ or 650+ but would manage to go back to 800+ again until my 19th hit. Something already told me to stop pushing it further or I will lose a lot of doges but I didn't listen to that voice inside my head and instead I continued rolling because I was too eager to get my 20th hit.
But I failed, my luck became to elusive. My rocket became too exhausted.
Too many seeds were already used, a total of 2094 rolls have already been made but rocket no longer flew higher than 290x. It no longer was able to reach the minimum target for last night's crash hunt.
I already had many chances of stopping last night. Something even told me if it eats a total of 150 doge then stop hunting already. But I went crazy. My desire to get back what I lost overshadowed me.
And so my 810 doge went down to 500 doge.

I ended up 1st place which rewarded me 178 doge. But still a big ouch.

So here is a 1 good lesson to learn.
When you already have nice profit, don't push further. Never desire to have more. Or you will end up losing more than what you profited and will even risk some of your starting balance.
And if in challenges you already have a sure spot for top 3 be contented. It no longer matter if you will get only 2nd or 3rd place, as long as you are in profit as well. Secure your main balance and the profit you had from hunting. And if you want to get more, get more next time. never exhaust your luck too much or it will leave you behind with one huge damage.
If something tells you to stop, then listen. Sometimes, listening to that voice inside your head helps a lot.
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In my case, though it hurts too much losing huge balance just for that one more hit, I know I can still manage to get back the amount lost. I can even get more on next hunts. I know this because I have been there many times. Lost huge on previous hunt, succeed on the next one. But if you are a hunter that is just new to this kind of challenge, and have no huge assurance you can get back everything on future hunts, it's better to play safe. Play only what you can afford losing. After all this is gambling. And losing much more is not new and not surprising. So take good care of what you already profited. Never push harder or it will be very painful.

Good luck always my co hunters and gamblers.
Happy weekend ahead.
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