The beauty of night


Reaction score
In the tranquil embrace of the night's gentle caress,
Upon the rooftop, I find solace and happiness.
With each breath I take, the world fades away,
As I lose myself in the beauty of the night's display.

The moon, like a luminescent pearl in the sky,
Casts its soft glow, as the clouds gracefully pass by.
Its radiance illuminates the world below,
Guiding me through the darkness, with a comforting glow.

And oh, the stars! Like shimmering dreams they appear,
Sprinkled across the canvas of the night, so clear.
They twinkle and dance, with celestial delight,
Whispering secrets of the universe, throughout the night.

I lie there, mesmerized, as time slips away,
Lost in the vastness of the cosmos, where dreams sway.
The night sky, a tapestry of wonder and awe,
Filling my heart with a sense of peace and awe.

So, on that rooftop, beneath the starry dome,
I find solace, and a place to call my own.
Watching the moon, the stars, and their cosmic art,
I drift into slumber, with a grateful heart.