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Play as a team, but prove that you're king of the hill!

12 users will participate in rollhunt contest which will be held 11.09.2020 at 18:00 GMT+0 in ANY (Rage) Channel Room.

This contest will be weekly.


  • Minimum 5 Forum posts to participate
  • Minimum level 10 to participate
  • Teams will be assigned right before we start by random selection.
  • Each user will have assigned number. User gets eliminated, if somebody rolls his number.
  • User can be recovered after elimination, if any of his team members (alive) can roll 5000 ant post in chat along with username of player he wants to revive
  • Team which users was eliminated lost.
  • Contest will be held from 3 parts:
    1st part: 6 vs 6
    2nd part: 3 vs 3
    3rd part: 1 vs All (in this stage user can't being recovered)
  • Bets can be made with any currency and on any X.
  • All bets must be GREEN, and there MUST BE rolled number along with posted bet on chat.
  • If stage didn't finished within dedicated amount of time (will be told in chat) i will add additional numbers to each alive member.
  • Users which registered and then don't come in time will be disqualified for next 2 games. (If not notify in advance)
If you want to participate in this challenge please type your nickname and number 1-12. (Number must be unique). NONEED to quote this text, or posting it with edits of your name.
1 post per user.

Prizepool 4000
be shared between participants:
1st place: 600
and 2000 wincoins
2nd place: 300
and 1000 wincoins
3rd place: 200
and 750 wincoins
4-6th places: 100
each and 500 wincoins
7-12th places: 500 wincoins each

Points will be applied to each user by every elimination or recovery.
Elimination +2 points
Recovery of user + 3 points
Being recovered - 4 points

By the end of contest each user will get % of 2600
by formula: User points/Total points

P.S. Please contact me 30 mins before contest starts in Rage chat or PM me the same day that you will participate, otherwise disqualification will be applied.
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