Tafseer Quran Course


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tafseer quran course Quran recitation comes with a nice feeling but it becomes great when we read it while understanding the context of the translation and the words of Allah. These things can only be learned by mastering the tafsir of the Quran which becomes difficult for many muslims without expert tutors Especially non-Arabic speakers. Many Muslims want to study the Quran Tafseer online because they find it difficult to understand the meaning of the scriptures.

This language barrier limits their full understanding of the true meaning of the Quranic verses and what Allah conveys to us through these verses. The Quranic verses in each Quran have different meanings in completely different ways. Without knowing the context the reader may not understand what Allah (SWT) is trying to tell us in his holy book.

Many Muslims living in non-Muslim countries have difficulty finding certified tutors who can help them with their online travels. If this is your situation Mishka College has designed this course for you. We have certified Azhar instructors using authentic Tafsir books to explain their explanations Has great teaching strategies to make using Tafseer easy.