Story: A killed dream


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A killed dream

Night grieved and the deep silences all over the region. it seemed more a voiceless and a mourning night than of a resting. His tongue, wordless, encountered the cries of the Innocence. That was a willingness or an outer force that naked the Innocence in griefs. This night could ever been said a night that lost its perfection which the planets of orbit shells in a sequenced movement never lose. The Smile in sadness and the Weirdest look of the innocence disclosed how the world behaved. It was hugged when happy and was thrown in pains. It was the use when needed and then was left like the dead soul in loneliness. Used roughly, lost the purity and was in await for the forces moving towards its crying eyes. Beloved eyes; sitting in the spot, full of tear and anger that directed the world towards infinity of lostness to core his Innocent and Dreamy Flower! Empathy could remain harsh sympathy to it and the presence and protection, it desires, shall have been in want and received those! The crying eyes doubled so the leftover of the troubling sadness to the Flower hanged farer by its beloved!

The eyes he had, fell in deep dream, woke up. Looked around and found everything alright! Just the memories still let the dream, of innocence in grief, wandering due to the wildness around.

"The nightmare you had, shall never be the nightmare to anyone else. This killed a soul internally and made it exclusively away from the world of being!" I narrated!

"This shall never befitting in reality. I witness those eyes of the Innocence still crying whenever my painful eyes get closed to sleep. The dream haunted me for as long as I was alive!" He said!

"You still live! Do the dream?" I asked!

He sitting aside was gradually mixing with air. Smiled as beautiful as he could, to reflect his to the soul of Innocence.

"The day, I killed myself!" He spoke and was unseen in a moment ahead!

He did not kill himself, he purposed to killing a dream. The dream was a murderer of his happy Soul, the dream was a saddening factor if had ever occured in reality! He killed it before he could have witnessed it, for him this was the hidden reality within a dream that he never willed seeing again with the same eyes!