Some Suggestive improvements

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There has been many times that i have ask myself, am i getting my level bonuses?

When I get some rain from the rain gods, there's nothing to tell me that i'm getting additional level bonus.
When I use the Good's Market, there's no additional information telling me that i'm getting a Discount.

Our profile should give us some added information about our Level Bonuses.
I thought i'd share some "Quality Improvements" that i hope the management will consider:

Our Profile menu might look like this:
windice project final.jpg

Our Rain Announcement display might have this additional info.
Windice Bonus final.jpg

When shopping in the Goods Market it would be helpful to display this:
windice shop final.jpg

This would let the player know that they are getting the bonus they have earn and would give incentive to reach the next level.

Thank you for considering my suggestions.

An Improvement Suggestions (IdM) is a proposal from any employee or team that can improve the way of working or any other current situation. The improvement can belong to safety, quality, productivity, work organization, the environment, etc.
Though we can see it on our VIP section, I love this suggestion of yours SirCopperfield. Hope the management will consider this. :)