SmartBch the decentralized sidechain of Bitcoin Cash (DEFI)


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Hey guys last time I posted here about the launched of smartbch.

Everyone here knows how I adore bitcoin cash. Lmao. Despite its undervalued price. Last July 30 the decentralized sidechain of bitcoin cash was successfully launched. Fees aren't much like, solana, bsc and ethereum defi network. With 1.05gwei you are able to transact. Buy and sell or arbitrage.

Smartbch has already a three running dexes from the launch.

And on the upcoming last week of November a new dex is bound to be released.

If you are interested in exploring the smartbch network, you better start asking from the smartbch community. Or I could another article to guide you on how to start joining this wonderful chain inside the smartbch.

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