Simpsons The future predictor


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Hello people hope everything is good everyone have good health.

Today I will discuss the
Simpsons cartoon, which is said to be a prediction of the future.
Yeah you heard well, prediction of the future

The Simpsons is an American animated cartoon show, its creator is Matt Groening.

The Simpsons has not done one, two rather more than 30 predictions, which really happened.

Covid-19's prediction was featured in Simpsons in 1993, shown in season 4, episode 21, and that there will be a virus like COVID.

In 1993, another episode presented a magic show, that show had two magicians and one white tiger, the white tiger attacked and ate one of the magicians.

In 2003, in a real magic show the white tiger attacked the magician namely Roy. Who got several injuries, Roy lives but his career ended there.

1996: session 6, episode 19, someone used Smartwatch for a phone call.

Today all the world uses Smartwatch which is real now.

1998: Session 10, episode 5 in 1998 waltdisney and fox merge.

After a few years in 2019 they merged for real.

Session 11, episode 17, year 2000, Donald Trump becomes president and back side it showed a banner.

2017: after 16 years, in 2017 January he became President for real all happened which was shown.

In 2006, episode simpsons cartoon showed that JCPenney's company is bankrupt.

2020: after 13 years, in 2020 the JCPenney's company went bankrupted for real

In 2006, season 17, episode 10, showed that the submarine goes to water when something happens wrong.

2023: After 16 years, in 2023, Ocean gate incident went real.

In 2014, simpsons episode showed Lady Gaga's concert, in which lady Gaga comes down along with a wire and plays piano.

2017: after 2 years, in 2017 there was a real concert of Lady Gaga, whatever was shown in the cartoon, lady Gaga performed the same way.

Some people think that the writer of simpsons show is a time traveller, That's how he knows the future.
For some it says it is just a coincidence.

What do you say about this?
Is that true? The author might be having some divine connections then! Let's hope for positiveness in his next Episodes 💕 :)