Sex isn't a bad word. UNMUTE ME PLEASE.


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I am currently muted from chat because one of the moderators is under the false impression that saying the word "sex" is something a grown adult needs to be punished for.

While I understand we all come from different places and have different views, that doesn't mean we need to continue to encourage close-mindedness or ignorance that only continues to keep people from being able to live freely and happily. Giving words like "sex" negative connotation contributes to the public shame associated with sex. We all have sex! Sex is fun and healthy and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I am an adult woman and I don't need to be embarrassed or shy about sex. That is silly.

Maybe the moderator who muted me would do well by taking some social classes about how to speak to people in 2023. Doing trivia daily where he talks about how women/wives spend all their husband's money and other deeply outdated misogynistic remarks is the behavior that shouldn't be tolerated. Not the person in the chatroom saying "sex"


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Hello there. Word Sex isn't bad word, right but here rules.

When using chat, you agree to the following rules:
  • * English room chat must be in English, Russian room chat must be in Russian, if you want to chat in your language - go to ANY room
  • * be polite and nice to others, don't provoke or troll - treat people with respect even if you don't agree with their point of view
  • * do not spam, flood or harass in chat
  • * no hateful conversation is allowed: racial slur, comments on other people's religion, politics, sexual harassment etc.
  • * no links to any other gambling site and no affiliate links
  • * no lending or borrowing, trading is discouraged
  • * no excessive use of characters or punctuation, including spamming bets results and price quotes
  • * do not thank rain or bot - it is random, doing so may decrease your chances to get rain
  • * do not overuse caps
  • * do not beg for tips or rains (including passive begging like posting zero balances etc.)
  • * do not promote or advertise other websites in chat or pm
  • * no discussion of the moderator's decisions in general chat
  • * do not use regular chat to solve personal conflicts, go to ANY chat or social media/messengers
  • * do not overuse explicit language: an occasional 4 letter word is tolerated, but if a moderator warns you - stop