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Roulette has long been one of the most traditional games in a casino, you could say that the casino that does not have the game of roulette included on its site is not casino hehe, but have you stopped to think for a moment about how this popular game came about? Well, today I'm going to give you a brief summary of what the origin of roulette is, but, it is not known for sure when it first appeared, or in what place. Many historians believe that the origin of roulette was in China, others think it was in Italy and others in France. Although, according to sources; roulette dates back to the seventeenth century (XVII), by the mathematician Blaise Pascal of French origin who designed the primitive version of the game we know today. The name of the game comes from the French word roulette whose meaning is "small wheel" and is the most popular game on the European continent.
Now, the current game of roulette is a new project that has been available thanks to the development of computers and the internet, that is; which is from this (XXI) century, that roulette began to have a strengthening with the arrival of Bitcoin and a few years ago, in some countries they have adopted it as a payment method, as well as in some organizations and offline casinos.

In fact, we have several types of roulettes which are:

✅American Roulette: this roulette is made up of 38 segments from 1 to 36 along with a 0 and 00, this 00 gives a greater advantage to the bank and the order it carries in its numbers is very different from European roulette, there is only one dealer and it is played standing up.

✅European Roulette: consists of a 0 and is considered the most popular due to the classic and usual standard, consists of 37 segments from 1 to 36 plus segment 0, uses the American mat, but without 00, admitting bets on only one side of the table, unlike French roulette which supports them on both.

✅French Roulette: This roulette is very different from those already mentioned above, as it has a special rule that is called "Partage" and according to that rule, the player has the option to withdraw 50% of the bet if the ball has stopped at zero or leave it for the next round. But if in the next round the ball stops at zero again the player loses the entire bet. As for the segments, it has the numbers from 1 to 36 and 0. it is played sitting both players and dealers, the dealers are 3 around the table to manage the development of the games that are helped by rakes to be able to reach any part of the table, however, this distinction loses importance in the online version of the game.

It should be noted that European roulette is the one we currently have here in Windice, it is the most popular and easiest to handle, but, as everything has its risks and you have to use it with caution, I do not advise you to play without first knowing how the game works. My advice is that you should try the Win token first and go practicing strategies and after they are clear about how the game works, they can put their favorite cryptocurrencies and obtain great profits, since the rules of the game are simple and the game is pleasing to the eye. So, when it comes to playing roulette; take your time, relax and focus so that your goals are achieved. 💪😉🍀
I had not played Roulette because I did not understand it, now it is one of my favorites after reading this article by friend Winbtc.
Before the pandemic started, I played only at offline casinos, mostly American Roulette and poker. Still, when the government locked us during the COVID-19 pandemic, I started to play on various online casino platforms to escape boredom. I tried playing on different online casino sites and learned some strategies. In most cases, I played live poker and roulette rooms and never got huge profits. Unfortunately is hard to find a good online casino site where you can play without the risk of getting scammed. Thankfully I found a decent online casino site with great welcome offers and fast withdrawals.