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Read to speak and write

A quotation by Virginia Woolf rightly says," Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river". One does know speaking and writing play significant roles in one's academic and personal character developments. Above mentioned quotation directly hits good knowledge about the importance of reading books, either reading any good readable material ever you find out in your career

I personally observed around me, everyone talks so many words with powers of attractiveness, leave me, you might have experienced the same! Their words deserve appreciations, because the way of their narration are unexceptional. Everyone has great ideas, wandering in their minds and tickling them to express them, but it matters who has the best speakable words to exclaim.

However, those who can't speak blame their confidence and those who narrate big stories within some most suitable words, praise the books they have read. The word "Book" simply means "Big Ocean Of Knowledge" when someone is blessed with much knowledge, he needs nothing to do more, but to just share them through the medium of speech or writing.

Point to he noted, books are the imaginative and intellectual thoughts of the authors which they share to you after their hard struggles for shaping them as books. Everyone's mind is different, and everyone is the owner of different mindset, studying every book refers to gaining information of another mind. It boosts one's intelligence and makes one able enough to stand in front of any problem they get in their lives. It is for sure all of the books one has read could never be remembered for complete lifetime, although, the ideas and images that an author creates in one's mind will never get lost.

Apart from this, books not only work for speaking and writing, they get you updated and change your personality completely. A person does know how many books one has studied, once he or she talks to you. The way of your conveying talks define what you have inside you. There exists a word, called 'Logic' which has the power to convince any person who argues or have conversations with another person on any topic at anytime. When it comes for good logics, the person who has fixed knowledge of more books can get better logical thoughts fixed to the best line to defeat one with talks.

However, most of us get bored while reading a book, the best way to get not fed of upon a book is to study it. These both words surely relate each other "Read" and "Study" but to make you familiar with them, they both have great differences. We, as book readers, just go for reading the words written on the blank pages and leave what words or idea we don't understand perfectly, that refers to just "reading" which makes no interests over books, but when we go for studying a book that means to look for the title, chapters, and the main theme behind the book. While studying a book is to focus on each word, get yourself on no other page untill your seen page is not completely gotten to your mind. Knowing the difference would help a reader to be loved with books.

At last, I would prepare to mention a well-known quotation by J.K. Rowling ,"If you don't like to read you have not found the right book," in addition, "Writing and influential talks begin when one start reading books!"