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good day my fellas : )

months ago I was searching for a VPN in internet. I found a weird website and I downloaded a random VPN because I couldn't find anything else.
internet has really big world, so many goods and information in it . in another side there are some people who are trying to abuse through the internet. some programmers made some kind of virus and spread them in the big world of internet. so if you touch it , you'll be infected.
there are many kind of viruses but I touched one of the worst. it's called ransomware .

Ransomware is a type of application or software that encrypts the victim's data and requests big amount of money in exchange for the decryption key. The decryption key can unlock your files but most of them are bullshit and they won't give you the key. in simple words it will lock your files . and put a password on it .

How to know you are attacked by a ransomware?
it's easy . if you see a strange format next to your files it means your files are encrypted by a ransomware : (
I got BBZZ format long ago like this

how can a ransomware enter your computer?

  • scam emails
  • infected apps
  • some websites and more ways

how to prevent this mess?
first thing to do ,always make your windows up to date . this can prevent a lot of them so don't forget it.
use passwords and don't forget to backup . these are so necessarily thing against these ransomwares.

the only way they can enter your computer is internet . if you don't have access to internet nobody can have access to your computer .
and what if it's too late? what happens after ransomware took a place in your computer?

some signs of attack
1-you can see the signs now . a new note will appear in your desktop or folders . if you open it you can see some text that requiring you to pay money in exchange of decryption(unlocking your files). but never do that cause they wont's help you.

2-your files get's weird and unknown format . I got ".bbzz" next to each files

ways to remove ransomware
you may heard there are several ways to recover your files . there are some few formats that can be unlocked using some decryption tool but that is not true for most of them.
first thing first is to disconnect your internet.
then remove the cause of this mess . if it was app , remove the app or if you can't find it , download some anti viruses that provides "ransomware removing"
after that you can use your Backup if you had one.

be careful in this big world . you may lose really important files because of that. fortunately I didn't have much important files in my computer. I only had games haha .
hope you never face any virus . both your computer and your body : )