Poem: Let Me Walk With You!


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Let Me Walk With You

Let me hold your hand for a walk,
A walk that never ends,
Let me drown in the ocean of your tear,
She'd in the woe of our farewell,
Let me feel the touch of your soul_the warmth of your soul,
Let me smile by your sweet lips,
Hence! A silent walk to an heavenly world of me and you,
Where various sins enjoyed,
Let me be sinful,
O beloved! Let me search my God in you,
Let me worship you,
Let me drown in the sins of addictive love,
Your addictive love_more of the addiction of meth and cocaine.
Let me be addicted,
Perhaps! I'm you,
Let me love in you_ a part of you.
He was talking in the dirt with only his feet
He was walking in the dark
People get old when they see the same things
Life is getting late, I don't know now