Participation REWARD for windice events RANKED WEEKLY


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Consolation prize for those who made an entry but didnt make it to the top 10 would be nice ! reason for this is to encourage more users to participate. Sometimes just seeing other players posting a lot of entries makes other small players to back down and won't do the weekly challenge at all. thus participation rewards with special rules (like for example hit twice of this multiplier)to make them qualify. a prizepool of 5 usd lesser or higher for those who participated abiding with the rules of the contest would be a good suggestion.

Consolation prize on casino - there isn't chance.. because casino need player who deposit and can take participate on forum ranked weekly..
Honestly i tell the truth, the best mod was Furlicious and did great challenge without ranked weekly. It's everything diffuluct currently because price better and grow better Bitcoin again so thats why make hardest event. Sad but true..

Best regards, Tomki.