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It was a day when I took my all materials of my classroom. I and my father awaited for school bus to travel towards my school. This day was also an especial day which was told by my mam, I was as much happy as no one is. I glade to think about the especial day that what would be done in the class which would be much especial. Then suddenly my eyes kept on a new designer pencil which was only for Rs10, I requested my dad for having that new shiny designer pencil, he said," okay, you will get it". Bus stopped and my father moved and bought the pencil in no time and came again. I didn't shop it because I wanted to show on in front of my classmates that I have a pencil which non of them have. Bus reached and stopped opposite the main gate and they driver ordered us to go in our school. I put my pencil in my pocket and took out old pencil which I had before and threw it while I was throwing it, a brief painful sound I heard by the pencil, like," do not throw me, I am a loyal pencil". But I have not listened this painful sound. After a while, school's bill rang and all we're called for assembly, all were busy to praying God and I was to thinking about the especial class. Assembly ended and we moved towards our class. Did not give attentions to first two periods due to deeply thinking about especial class. The time came and our teacher also put in, she greeted us and said," students what is here today"? I directly shouted and said," mam, mam, especial class. She replied," very good". And assigned us," take out your class work notebooks and write a topic related your life". I became flabbergasted and upset that what dreams I had for this especial class and mam has assigned for a topic. Whatsoever, I took out mine and started shopping my new shiny pencil, but failed to shop it because every time its nib broke, and mam said that within five minutes this should be completed. My new shiny pencil deceived me, my tears started rolling down from my cheeks and a friend of mine said," I have an extra pencil, if you want"! I again felt happy and thanked my friend. When I began to write, a painful sound I again heard like my pencil and this was saying also same like mine," I am a loyal pencil, I am a loyal pencil". I felt shame on me because I threw my old pencil and because of it I got no punishment by mam.