MOnthly gone wrong


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the story of a gambler who has nothing to gamble anymore waiting for days in a month just to get that monthly allowance, yes I'm talking about someone i know, he has this rental, and in a month hell get 300$ worth rent ,i call him pencionado but lo and behold, this 300$ money 90% of it is spent for his gambling addiction dang right he no longer care for himself, no new shirt, no new shoes etc. just a Lil food and cigarettes this cycle of his went on for several months, until one time the approached me and asked if I can talk to his brother and i asked why? she told me that they can no longer get any payment from the rentee that his brother took advanced payment for 2 years already i was like tsk tsk.
So then i went to his brother's pad, first i didn't ask him directly, I had to small talk to him for a while until he told me that he lost quite big in gambling. i told him this and that to consult a professional , good thing he agreed he is currently on a rehab now for the next 3 months , lets see once he comes back he will bet again . wkwkwkwk