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Many of us have heard the word “Moderator” but, what is its meaning in itself? Well, a moderator is a person like you or me, flesh and blood, human, with a family and with a daily life like ours, with the difference that he works for a company or organization, in this case a casino, and in our house Windice there are many of them, that simply their function is as the same word says “moderate” that they moderate? The different rooms that the casino has with different languages, so that everything is more organized and we as players have a more pleasant and pleasant place while we enjoy our stay on the site.
The rules are set by the owner or administrator of the page so that all users of the site comply with them, If a player violates any of the rules set by the casino, he will be penalized by the moderator on duty who is in that room or in any other. They are also there to solve any concern that a user has in the chat, if it is within their possibilities or if they do not, they contact technical support or recommend that you contact them.

Many users get angry with the moderators when they call their attention or tell them that some action they are committing is against the rules, but the truth is that many do not read the rules that the casino has and that is why this type of situation occurs uncomfortable. What I recommend friends is that you read the rules, the moderators are not your enemies, they simply do their job and it is very uncomfortable that in one place they are attracting your attention all the time. Let's be aware and read a little that reading is very beautiful and it is more beautiful when we can all get along in one place and more in this place that is it has become a home for all of us, a fraternal greeting for all of you anywhere of the world. 🤗
It is correct that Moderator has various roles in order to ensure the room is co-efficiently running and users are having a pleasant stay here. Going one step ahead, I would also say that it is experienced users who being with the windice for few months and above to be active and help the new users or the one who is breaking rules to make them understand about it.

More often than not some of the repeat offenders are about rain, spamming. Not always mods could be present but since users are there so they can guide/or ensure that proper discipline is maintained by guiding to the person who is new or doing it purposely etc.