Let's share feelings and opinions

Have you ever think to quit windice?

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Let's share feelings and opinions

Everyone is bound with everlasting experiences and opinions that they have not yet found a platform worth sharable. Let's have a small discussion over sharing your feelings with friends and Windice family. Let it begin with myself!

I'm, actually, not an old user but a little older than some of new here, because my level is 26, that means of experiencing in windice for a greater time. Sometimes I felt too bad when I lost all of my cryptos where were nearly built-up for a withdraw. It caused me out of my mental state and quit playing windice anymore. This might be usual in windice, most of the user might not get the psyche, as I too didn't get, and start playing for high wins. One should keep idea too, if one gives the complete plate to a person in need like him, what remains for him to eat?

The discussion is over feelings in Windice. Do you know what did I felt after leaving windice? Like being lost somewhere! No way to move on? No one like fellows in windice to share all what eagerly awaiting for a soul to get shared. Those funny moments in chat, teasing a friend though being unfamiliar just surrounded me, and brought me back again. It all, in short, is called the love like a family! I have lost much later on, but have thought no to leave the platform, windice, because where there is a family there is always hands in help, motivation in words, cheers in winnings and respect for the words or posts here!

Now let me know of your feelings in this regard, rather let everyone knows what did you felt in these situations or ever fall what will you do? Your reply in reply section will get somebody learn something new. Thanks for reading 💝