Learn when to say NO


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Windice is a very good site cool and honest. But the players, not all are good. Hate to say this but some are users. I have encountered some so I can tell. Anyone can meet new friends here in Windice. But not everyone we meet is or will be a true friend. Some players believe it or not will befriend you so they can use you and when they're done with you, already got the favor they're asking from you, they'll suddenly forget you. They will pretend as if he or she doesnt know you. There are who will try to get close to you will get all your attention make you feel comfortable will send you friend request and will keep talking to you in public and pm until they finally get your trust. Its fine to be friends with them besides it is one of the reasons why we chat in the rooms to get not just rains but friends as well and besides having a lot of friends in Windice is super cool you feel super famous you look like a superstar have friends here and there hahahahaha!!! But all i wanna say is, be careful in trusting people as not everyone is a friend material 🤭 and not everyone is trust worthy 😭

Here is one example i have. A personal experience here in windice. Sorry i know what I did here in this story I tell now is wrong is against wWindice policy and i promise not to do this again cus I know this experience is already a lesson learned for me. There is one player i dnt really know if he really is a he or a she. We are not close not until i shared my bet results one early morning while hunting for telegram challenge and he cheered for me. After the contest because I was happy I got third place and my deposit also increased, I gave some XRP as tip to this fellow. Days after we then talked in public and pm. He slowly getting my trust and even trying to win my heart. LOL He tried flirting with me in public. Then one day he asked if I can let him borrow some and I broke one of the rules because I started to like him and I easily gave my trust to him. But sad when I learned he also borrowed some from other friends in ph room and promised same thing. We all got doomed we were scammed by that fake friend who is "pafall" 😂😂😂 good thing he is blocked 365 days and i promise to ignore him if i see him again nxt year LOL.

So my point here is, not everyone do this or are like this but some players will befriend you and will send you friend rquest because they actually want to get something from you specially if they keep seeing you winning the contests or your name is in last big win board or high rollers board. They will befriend you because they feel you are rich LOL. It's ok to let them be friends with you. Its ok to accept friend requests but point here is LEARN TO SAY NO if they try to borrow funds from you. Because, always remember everyone can borrow from anyone but not everyone is willing to pay what they borrowed. Same with sharing blessing through rains tips or trivia. Its ok to share what you have but always remember to think about yourself first before thinking about others. Only share what you can afford to give do not share more than what you can really offer because remember, everyone will be happy to receive a share from you but not everyone will be happy to share what they have in return. And you can never expect them to give back what they receive from you. you can never expect them to do the same thing you did. So LEARN TO SAY NO, if needed . Its not selfishness at all its securing yourself first and your funds. Since again not all are willing to pay back and not everyone is willing to pay it forward.