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Before I begin a narrative, let me say hello to everyone and tell you about a last-minute story.
Everyone is aware of the Wincoin daily contest, which offers prizes to the top 10 players based on the rules of the Windice contest.
If you have forgotten or are unaware of Wincoin and the daily contest, user @Sv13rby. Give a thorough explanation.
Due to the large prizes for first and second place, users will truly be the strongest warriors against one another at the end of the Wincoin daily contest.

what aspect are they the toughest warriors?

In the 25th June daily contest that I recently observed, users @ACRYPTOKING1 and @DeirisC finished as the top two players.
Before the competition ended, @ACRYPTOKING1 had 31148 wincoin and was in first place; in contrast, @DeirisC was in second place and was far from @ACRYPTOKING1 As the daily contest was about to end, @DeirisC entered a tin amount and used the maxi to win by 31190 wincoin.

Dewayne inquire to @ACRYPTOKING1 with some questions!
Dewayne enquired, "How did you lose the daily contest first place?"
@ACRYPTOKING1 replied, she (deirisc) made a bet on the last second.
I have no time to bet after.

Dewayne inquired, "How did you feel about it?"
@ACRYPTOKING1 replied, it's bad yeah,
I didn't know that was gonna happen, It's not how it's really work, i have an expectation i guess.

After that, Dewayne asked @BadLuckKing Have you ever had a last-minute contest win or loss from someone else?
@BadLuckKing replied, I have experienced it several times as it's my strategy to wait for the right time. Mostly users cross me during night and wait for me to play so that I can complete it but i don't play until the last 5 seconds. Then i hit max or that much which could take me to no 1 and if i lose i still maintain my 2nd position.

Dewayne asked: When last minute loss and win happy with you last time ?
@BadLuckKing replied: On 29th may i was with 45k and no 1 was qt 51 k and no 3 was at 20k so i hit 20k to get 7k when 2 seconds left for contest to end. I hit green and got 1st.

Dewayne asked @ACRYPTOKING1 and @BadLuckKing one final question. What say you, could people have done this if the prize difference between first and second place was not so huge?
@ACRYPTOKING1 replied: I don't know this gonna happen or not again but amount of 120 doge is long difference, maybe people get greedy.
@BadLuckKing replied: If there was not a big difference in prize between no 1 and 2 users would not risk their wincoin for getting to no 1.

This was experienced by several users, and their opinions varied. However, no one is at fault, All of us come here with our own objectives.
I believe a great deal of doge was the reason of everything. for the top and second places. 120 doge is a significant difference; someone may have won 120 doge in the last second by using one wincoin advance.😱
The user in first place does it everything to win, but the last second max crushes its hopes! I'm not sure what that's called, but I do know that in both love and battle, everything is fair.

If the Windice community believes that a last-minute story t like this shouldn't happen again, They ought to introduce some minor reward modifications for contests.
I would want to recommend that the 600 doge prize be divided into something similar.
Top 10 winner
1st 180 doge
2nd 140
3rd 80
4th 60
5th 45
6th 35
7th 24
8th 18
9th 12
10th 6
Please excuse me; these are merely ideas. Nothing offensive.
I agree that the difference between place 1,2 and 3 is kinda big. For me the most annoying part is that the contest always end in the middle of the night for me so people with another time-zone have the advantage to do this last-minute trick you are describing. It’s a smart tactic which can give the win but it can also make you drop to a lower place.

@BadLuckKing came up with a great solution for this which I think would be amazing if this got implemented. Instead of the contest taking exactly 24 hours and the same times each day it could be 23 or 25 hours instead. This way the start and stop time will move 1 hour each day so that people in all time-zones will have an advantage sometimes.