Knowledge from Books


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Some of my knowledge, from reading books

I have been reading books from 2017 and each time switching to a new book brought something new to learn. Book, truly means, Big Ocean of Knowledge. Several books contain several knowledge, not all I can remember at this time. Previous books like, Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma was linked with motivational talks, in contrast, Like It Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh was a clear path towards everyone's past. They both had all that their authors purposed while writing. On the other side, there were some of the books getting them a read showed me all that has been happening around. The play of colonizer with colonized was just clearly pictured.

Furthermore, motivation is all that is derived internally and it makes one be on the path of selfishness, I learned indirectly looking at the changes inside generated after reading those books. These might not be positive learning, but a type of learning that one learns from the medium of books. Adoption of workable knowledge from anywhere is upon them who are curious for!

Not only I tasted books purpose only motivations to the readers but starting a choice of book on effects of colonialism has its own taste. Being an one in an oppressed nations, I could deeply understand them and got much more of the moves used by a colonizer to implement unguessable tactics over colonized. Those books directly or somewhere Indirectly had connections with the environment I am living now. It bridged the gap in-between and let me understand all what they, the authors, faced when colonized. Apparently, colonizer wears a mask of solitude to reflect sympathetic appearances of them in eyes of colonized.

Education, not advanced but colonizer's choice, separateness in a ethnic group, deprivation of one's mother tongue and killing of all the cultural traditions is the way that a nation gets badly oppressed. These all talks in shape of fiction are narrated in some of the books by the authors who suffered. Things Fall Apart of Chinua Achebe tells how new religion is formed and ancestral beliefs are dismissed calling them wrong. It gets a way for the other group to inhale sweet poisons in minds of the locals. The River Between by Ngugi Wa Thiongo distinguishes the main features of colonialism. It says, people are made unknown to one another through provoking them. Newly formed group –in an existing one–is all the movement forwarded to creating distance in-between. The name of the book clearly draws a picture of distance which occurs when one enters in a different culture purposely.

In conclusion, visiting different psyches through reading different books will surely get a new bites for the mind. Experiencing something motivational is good when one is demotivated, but worst if one is motivated already. Studying a book deeply, matching oneself, is worth readable. It not only makes one aware of the issues around; describes solutions to the problems too. Creation of such a reading habit is hard if one tries not, and I'm trying for betterment in reading each mind in depth so that I may place important discussion to discuss ahead.