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My Favorite thing about Windice is that we get to choose our Lucky numbers. What i mean by that is; instead of only being able to choose 0 or 9999 as our Biggest payout, we get to pick any number to be a 9900x payout. Im a wild better and have endless hope of catching wins like this. call me crazy. But Im finding it to be quite difficult sometimes to pick the exact numbers that i want to be my "High and lows" Right now im try to bet on 1777 to 3777 to build up. Im a bit ocd and cant just quit trying. But really i cant get the numbers to reach these so far.

My suggestion would be to Allow Us to manually type our number in on both sides of the roll number.

For example;

5000 < #### < 9999 is how it starts when logging in. Well where its says 5000 < could it be possible to have a type box built in to be able to type 1777 and then 3777 where it says 9999?

Hope i make sense. If not let me know. and if you are reading this and know what im trying to explain, please take it from here and make it more understandable.

Thank you and good luck to all :)

(Screenshot may help make more sense as well. i hope)


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