Initiative: Let's turn to weekly wincoins challenge 💪 😉


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Let's turn to weekly wincoin challenge

Hello, the energetic and super enthusiastic family of Windice! Hope your days are going opposite mine; that means of good days to you all :p Human mind thinks a lot, and that thoughts turn to effevtive iniatitions and then to super awesom fun if that are supposed to be in a gambling site, like Windice. I'm back in front of you, through my words, with a new idea 💡 that will, forsooth, develop much benefits for the users and a little hard work for the hosts and the windice team :p 😜 and I believe that the team will show its sincerity as they are showing: love and respect to you, the windice team! So let's move towards my idea downwards:)

By title, you may understand that the idea is a challenge with wincoins; that you can find already in Telegram and now in forum as 9900x/1000x. My proposal is different from both of these. The idea is runnable on Windice's forum like the weekly and monthly challeneges and mainly observant to wincoins. That means there is huge chances for those poor fellows who are trying hard to earn crypto by playing and daily having their selves in windice chat. Let's turn to prizepool and requirements of the idea :)

Prizepool of the wincoin challenge on forum can be affordable! The winner shall be awarded a total amount of 40-50k wincoins, just one winner, that i believe costs nothing to the site but beings lots of benefits for the users. Most of the time, users find it hard to earn some like that much coins he he 😂 to change their usernames or buy something decorative materials from shop haha 😄 as me :p this prizepool make this option easier for the winners, however, this can help the winner to make a place in the daily wincoins contest. I hope this is something really cool 😎!

Now the requirements, must be challenging yeah, shall be tough for this huge wincoins prizepool. Participants shall be given a fixed target in one game, either dice, crash or plinko with a specific bet size, only in wincoins. Like, for plinko, the target 1000x for the whole week is a tough and challenging for that much prizepool with bet size of 10 wincoins. Participants can be having this target and bet size useful in their daily construction of wincoins too for daily contest and can contribute as well for the weekly forum challenge with wincoins. On the other hand, for crash I feel, 1001x with bet size of 10 wincoins is super awesome, however for dice 990x with same bet size will be useful well 😀.

The winner shall be selected by having higher number of green bets on given targets in the specific given time! 😀

The forum is always open for initiatives and that's my idea i shared above. Let me know how do you, the users, see this idea.

Best wishes guys ❤️


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