If you received 1 BTC TIP and what you do?

Если вы получите 1 BTC TIP и что вы будете делать?

Вывод мгновенный.
Пставлю на вывод лямов 10 раздам поделюсь) дождевой бонус)
Я б умножила и поделилась.. С щедрой душой
Impoosible lmao! house edge can beat you! :D
I'm here 3 years and house didnt get me in BTC or WinDice yet. Check my stats. And most of my losses are due to my laziness and impatienice. I know I'm capable of winning on a daily basis but lifes problems get into the way of a clear head.
I can really beat this place but i got to be so mentally stable it is un real


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rain swap to xrp withdraw to exchange/wallet and convert back to btc and eth. and make my momma make a wallet account or exchange account so i can send her some odd .5 btc
4 months ago poor was I, no lie, swear I!

It is I who sent you to me, Be It So IAM no longer wanting for more but thanks to a gift randomly won of 0.865 BTC, 4 Months later God gives potential without limits. Just remember to always believe it to be already true and you deserve it through acts of sharing Love in all that you do......Blessing awarded shall be the harvest reaped from the intent sprouted seed sown in the reality known but yet IAM was never Unknown as IAM is the Creator I call upon, amen....
Impoosible lmao! house edge can beat you! :D
No sir.... nothing truly impossible until your mind allows that shade to in fact distort reality causing possible to become impossible. Guard yourself brother from such possessions from taking over....would be a tiny bit of advice i am happy to share with you hope you dont care that i do.....
I'll make rain, withdraw and let it profit on binance then deposit back the profit to play again 😂 since gambling is thrilling 🤣
If one day some generous guy suddenly tip me 1BTC, first id roll a little of it then withdraw it all. Turn it all to fiat currency then share some of it to the church and to the community specially to the poorest here in our country. That could be a big help to the most needy specially now that expenses are increasing from basic needs to fares in public transpos.

An early christmas gift from that person to me to them....,,, If ever..... Hahaha!

Right now I'll keep dreaming first😆😆🤭🤭