Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

Hmmm I think windice need to add lucky jackpot numbers like 7777. add any number like 1234. 9876. Very day one player hit that lucky number win 5000 wincoins. Or very one player hit the lucky number win 500 Wincoins. What do you think sir/madam😊
Hmmm..if possible build a chaos machine that all crypto coins cannot be bet , will be put to the machine 1 specific coins ..tama ba
Like others have suggested and how other sites have daily/weekly tasks. Would help drive traffic and encourage play. So many completions in a row could award things from the shop or crypto itself.
i strongly recommend rakeback for depositing players. in that way people will be encourage to deposit and play for some time. its a win win situation for both parties i think. there is no question about faucet WINDICE simply offers one of the biggest faucet there is. and maybe if possible daily challenges would be nice too!
Good one I support you on that
Submit your ideas and suggestions for our upcoming promotions🎉

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" Ideas that will benefits the both parties (site and player) will be great".
facebook giveaway already have?