Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

If the are looking for a coin to add the might want to have them voted in could have a spot were you get one vote a day or buy votes the add new coins or even software like, treasure hunt, lottery tickets 🎟 and video poker. Each month or so they can slowly upgrade.
I suggest rewarding daily those who managed to make maximum losses/wins in a row with a certain win chance.

Since it's hard to provide a screenshot of more than 11 bets, the win chance should be over 75% for losses, and below 25% for wins, I think.
i strongly recommend rakeback for depositing players. in that way people will be encourage to deposit and play for some time. its a win win situation for both parties i think. there is no question about faucet WINDICE simply offers one of the biggest faucet there is. and maybe if possible daily challenges would be nice too!
All those who made video for the contest/promotion should receive a little bonus. Cause making a video isn't an easy thing. Winners will get the prize only.
The best way to make players really love this site is to make it more player friendly...TEAM COLOR is a great idea and there are many other ideas that should be thought about and improved upon.

People love to wager...they love to win. Players actually love to compete and wager against each other such as sports betting because they can only win what is in the wager pool and the winners share the pool. Players can wager more in the pool to increase their win overall and that will attract more people to want to bet on their favorite sports team!!!

And it doesn't have to be just on Sports wagering. TEAM COLOR is a great idea and can be improved upon. People wager on many things and it is more fun when they wager against each other and they win a Pool that is shared with the winners. But it is even better when they can bet more to win more of the pool :)

Please consider making additional wagering platforms with a winning pool where players can bet more to win more
Please consider making this even more Peer to Peer