I mean Why !


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Hello My Beautiful People,
We all know that price is increasing day by day.But Why not doge ???
is the price of doge increasing ??...I mean Why !???
Why isn't the price of increasing...?
Can It Reach 1$ in 2020 ??
If You have the answer,Leave A reply...
Thank You..
Sometimes, Doge coin value upraising while the bitcoin has a suffer loss value like xx%. I dunno why, but it was great to see a meme coin can be stable than bitcoin. It can be possible to get $1, but it's almost impossible also to said that can be happened in a short year. We will see it next time, and you know the market cap already much of them.

Worth of investment too for this Doges :)
generally for each crypto price is depending on how much easy to cashout/accepted as payment when you need to make transactions. The more places which accept as payment , the more value for that crypto value