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Hello my lovely friends . best wishes

I hope this will be helpful for you guys : )
many users try to make money from nothing . there can be many reasons for that like can't effort to lose or not trusting etc...
I had all these reasons haha
when I came in windice for first time I didn't have any idea how to win . I thought I had to put money to start playing. but I was wrong . anyone can make easy money from Windice . I personally started from zero . I did not deposit anything at first . I tried some ways to make profit here....

this is how I started
first of all you need to collect as much as you can without using crypto.
huh? how? there are several ways to earn crypto without making deposit. like collecting Rains by being active in Chat, answering trivia in the chat, roll hunts made by mods, participating in Daily Wincoin Contest , watching Pecka streams , TVT(team vs team) , X(twitter)and Instagram giveaways , some Special challenges in forum that requires only WC and sometimes no coin requires which is free to join like this one , Mowmow's 9900x/1000x weekly hunt , Synyster's JTT(joker's trivia tournament), trying for Top Posters of the month . if I missed any thing tell me I'm not sure if it's all.
for more information you can view Chibby's post about all events. click here

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see that's why I love windice it gives free stuffs to its users so they can enjoy paying and staying in windice.
so these free stuffs will take a little time to collect enough money but don't lose your hope... it'll be over in a blink of an eye .
it'll be great to collect crypto worth of 20$ dollars to start...

the other ways to make profit is gambling on a game which I don't recommend , participating in telegram hunts , Forum challenges , tik tak wiii , using crypto in anonnep hunts (except for Plinko 1000x , it means you will get crypto if you get 1000x with WC in plinko hunts)


these are methods to make even more money with crypto you've earned from free ways.
but these are too risky to play . what is my suggestion?
after you've eared enough crypto try to win a Forum challenge . in this way you have more chance to win even more .

let me explain :
each week there is a forum challenge as many of you know, and the prize pool for winners is 0.0052
. there are between 10 to 20 winners usually and you'll be rewarded based on the challenge mode . if it's ranked you'll be rewarded by your rank but in non ranked the prize pool will be divided by the number of winners .
for me , my average win was 0.0003
. so if you win all 4 weekly challenges in month it means you will get 0.0012
, even much more ,
you might think you'll lose in the first try. yes there is a chance of losing but if you lose don't worry . try to recover again with trying those free ways .
but if you won the first challenge it'll get easier to win the next challenge . I always payout after completing forum challenge and do the next challenge with the winning BTC

from last challenge. keep in mind there is still chance to lose because it is gambling . gambling doesn't mean you have to win always . the Website needs to get money from somewhere too.

so only doing weekly challenges for the rest of our lives?
of course no . telegram hunt is also a great way to win too. specially now because the rewards have been increased form 35$ to 50$ . and now the TG hunt is more fun and challenging.

a suggestion : participating in TG hunt with low funds is so stupid and crazy . my suggestion is earn some money from weekly forum challenges . maybe around 100$ or 200$ . then start hunting.
one more thing . Plinko TG hunts have many users so if you are not fast enough the chance of winning will decrease for you . but crash and dice hunts have less than 4 or 5 hunters . sometimes even 2 active hunters . in this case you can easily take 3rd place by only getting few hits. be active in TG group to see if it happens .

also you can play TikTak wiii too. don't have much information . but if you want some info then check this
and Anonnep's hunt is a bit risky but not impossible.

  1. Use the free methods first and around at least 20$ worth of crypto (earn more for more chance)
  2. participate in weekly forum challenges (specially the non-Ranked because some Ranked challenges are hard )
  3. participate in Telegram Hunts after you got enough money from forum Challenges

and also I have some other suggestions to not lose much

  • if you wanna try telegram hunts or playing games normally, make a dead line , for example if you have 50usdt and you want to go for TG hunt tell and promise your self that if your balance reached something like 30usdt or else, you will stop , without any hesitation . I didn't make myself a dead line , so I bust a lot
  • and if you see your depo will drain so quickly , just don't depo or leave website for few days or weeks .then come back.

I hope it will be helpful for others and thnx for reading my long post hhhh.
Yeah I agree with you.. when I started here, I climb up as that free ways 😊😊😊