How do you first discovered Windice


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Windice is such a great site to play, with one of the best dice game and unique animation. I am wondering how do you all first discovered windice that led you to play here?
A friend invited me, he recommended it to me, I liked it a lot and now it is my favorite place. Cheers.
First discovered windice in one of the sites where I used to collect free faucets. Been seeing the ads about windice daily so I got curioused and tried registering. That was around May last year, 2019. And yeah, I enjoyed how dice worked and how the site looked. So decided to stay and play. But just after a month, I decided to pause for like 5 months I think. Just went back last november and surprised, there are new cool stuffs in this site. Now am super active here, like almost everyday I'm staying in the site for fun :)
I discovered windice thorugh the dicebot and I have been playing on some other sites before :)