How did you discover WINDICE?


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I came to discover this wonderful site when a friend referred me to it, checked out the site and found out that most of my internet friends are moderators and regulars on this site. since then haven't stopped playing! They definitely have one of the most insane faucet bonus!
Lol azes
The lovely Badger referred me here :)
The faucets pretty neat, and I like the fast dice rolls.
i found it in an advertisement site. as i am using many crypto source for collecting information.
I saw windice on bitcointalk then i just register to try here and i could say that site is wonderful and the interface is good. There are rooms for improvement.
any legit bitcoin gambling site should have a topic in bitcointalk , thats how i find new places.
Was just posting on gambling section with my Windice signature campaign and was redirected to the frum. Nice concept and friendly interface i must confess, keep the innovation coming
I discovered WinDice through bitcointalk, as it happens with all gambling sites. I tend to not visit gambling sites which are not discussed on bitcointalk because ... I mean, how can you trust them??? :)
I searched on Google "Best Bitcoin Gambling site with hot babies to flirt with and where i can gamble and win".
The first result was windice. In this way i came across this site ❤️