Hammal is not mad

What do you think, was hammal mad?

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Hammal is not mad

"That is all enough with pictures of the land, now it is high time to capture my pictures!" He, Hammal, was talking with himself. I always see Hammal with a shoe and a roof attached with and leaving for the jungle to do photoshooting. He considers the shoe his camera. And sometimes I witness him collecting several sizes and colour of stones. He lines all in discipline and names himself their leader who shares his knowledgeable words with those stones. This is the only time when Hammal calls me, as if he is no more a mad person,
"Sarban, listen my talks carefully, please!"
I became astonished and fell in a deep thought that is he now all fine from his mental illness! I replied his words,
"Yes, I'm listening speak!"
He said while indicating towards a stone,
"Its name is Sarban!"
I as if again die after this moment, because he did not call me actually but was talking still with the collected stones. The sun was gradually dying in western direction, the situations were getting changed and the words of Hammal's, too, shaped a new one. He said,
"If you stay here for another while, then the darkness will take your with it. Neither you know why were you taken, no the darkness has come to snatch your from lightness. It is just moving from his way and takes everything whose sound it listens!"
I felt as if Hammal was not mad!