Goals - Short & Long Term


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To be successful in anything you need to carve out a plan and put all your skills and efforts in order to achieve it. This is not possible without having a proper goal so that you know the end destination where you have to reach. This is like you are driving without knowing where to go will lead you nowhere.

Same way, in life we need to have our short and long term goals so that we know if we are heading towards right direction and if not we can make changes accordingly so that we can reach were we had initially thought about. How many here have written down their long term and short term goals in their diaries and how frequently you keep checking about it. By long term, I mean 5 year goal and short term could be anywhere within an year. The best way to measure if you are on right track of your long term is breaking in smaller terms and ensuring you are meeting you short term goals so eventually it become a part of your success when you hit that bigger milestone in your life.

It could be both personal and professional life. Let us share our experiences regarding it and how do you monitor your goals in life?
right was so helpful i read it all having a plan better than dont have plan :) :sleep:

Without plan or direction you go nowhere, so it become more vital to have the goals or plans in place and note it down. So that you know if you are on track or what needs to be changed in order to make that plan/goal work for you.
exactly right friend i am also agree have good planes with more discipline will be so helpful in total :)