Fear Uncertainty and Doubts


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We have seen such a massive break down of prices today. Btc down from 59k to 46k this week. One of the reason it happened, is when Elon Musk tweeted he is not accepting bitcoin as a payment transaction. See below.


What can you say about the reason? In my opinion, mining gold is far more costly and unenvironmental friendly more than mining btc. But yeah I agree that we need a coin that is fast and realiable and still is eco-friendly!

Another issue of the drop, is the article written by Bloomberg crypto. In which it stated that Binance allegedly is under investigated by the Justice Department which was verified by Cz that it wasn't true. But it causes a massive fear, uncertainties and doubts and had made the prices go down. Click here for the tweet.

Are we back on track? I guess so, but TAYOR.

Silly that this fud makes way for whales to buy the dip! FUD to others but an oppurtunity for others.

These red markets are proven normal and some are really paying for the prices to drops as I have heard from everyone that has been around crypto for a very long time. Regardless, crypto is the best digital currency and will be as amazing as it is!

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