Do winners realy know when to stop ?

When do you think enough is enough 🤔
About your title, "do winners really know when to stop", well some knows when to stop but some unfortunately dont so they end up loser honestly. Based on what I have read on some topics here about types of gamblers, it is explained that a wise gambler knows when to stop. Knows how to control his gameplay, time, and money, knows how to set goals. When they see they have already reached either their goal or reached their limit in playing (set amount to use in gambling either the result is win or lose), they already stop. And that's what call them winners. Real winners. But for players who, already won huge but still doesnt know how to control their gambling habit, still wanted to get more up to the point they end up losing it all, cannot be considered winners at all cuz they end up with nothing cuz their money including the ones they won were all taken back by the house because these players tend to become greedy.

For your question, when do you think enough is enough, just like what old players here say, set goals like how much you want to raise for today. And once you already reached that goal stop! If you feel you already get many reds in a row, stop. Its time to take rest. if you already reached the minimum amount to withdraw, stop and withdraw. Never ever desire for higher profit because if you insist it, you'll end up empty handed. Lastly, stop being greedy and stop doing rage betting it will only upset you. Run if you already can then rest for a day, come back another time or day, God bless. 😁
Honestly I believe this is the truth and I am guilty of it myself stay awesome self discipline is our greatest task
Most experienced business people will recognize this platitude as nonsense. It's not that winners never quit, but rather winners know when and how to quit. Make no mistake, it is much more difficult to close a business than to keep it going. Change is always tougher than the status quo.
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Appreciate ya ur input my new perspective stay positive and stay awesome my friend
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