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Hello to all friends and extended family of
In this article, I am going to explain the simple and easy ways for the people who have just become a member of the website and have joined our big family from the countless ways that the website has prepared for its members to earn money. I hope it will help you!
One of the most common and easy ways to earn money from website is to receive rain in chat. It is enough to have a constructive conversation with your other friends in the chat section of the website. Every few minutes, the website randomly rains down 10 people who have had a constructive conversation.
By receiving the rain, you can test your luck in the exciting games that exist on the website to increase the inventory and finally withdraw it.
Below i show an example of receiving rain by myself ( bubuzi69 ) and bringing it to the required amount for harvesting:




You can see that by receiving the rain, I increased my inventory and finally took it. I made this impression by only having constructive chat and avoiding spamming.
Dont forget friends, you can receive rain only if you do constructive chat, and the website robot detects those who spam, and they dont receive rain.
Wishing the best of the best to all of you in windice got talent.;):love:
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