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Funny how our chatrules are available in the chatroom yet a lot keeps breaking these rules. Everyday. And it's kinda sick.

Please guys observe these rules and follow.

USING OF REQUIRED LANGUAGE : Please, when you enter a room, use the required Language for that room. That simply means, if you enter ENGLISH ROOM, speak English and English only. Do not try using other languages and do not ever give everyone the reason like "I am sorry I'm no speak English", "sorry I dont know much English", etc etc., and you insist to communicate to everyone using your own language. Come on, others in English room cannot speak English well too, but they still try their best so do the same. Use a translator us much as possible, or better yet get out and go to ANY ROOM instead. You can use your own language there without limits.

This simply means, Chat constructively. If you say hello, do that in general. As much as possible, greet everyone and input everything you wanna say in one single message. Stop sending your words one by one, or sending too many short messages. Lol you aint a robot anyway, right? Hahaha! That's considered spamming and flooding at the same time. If you think you can get more chances of getting rained because of that habit, well think again. And stop sending only emojis. Come on, the chat was made for us to communicate properly via exchanging messages not facial expressions via emojis lol. Stop doing other unecessary spamming as well like sending all the coin prices everytime you enter chat room, over-posting your bet results, and all your depos and pay.outs. Hello, You obviously are rain farming. Again, if you think you can get rains for that one, think again.

NO POSTING OF LINKS AND/OR PROMOTING OTHER SITES: Hello?! The chatroom was created for pure entertainment and not to promote links of other sites. Do not try getting referrals too by talking about your nice experiences with other sites not connected to windice. It's also strongly discouraged to mention name of other sites. So please follow. Besides, our chatroom isnt a social media like facebook and twitter. The only links you can post in the chatbox are of the songs you would like our DJ Mod. Kryakrya to play for you and only when it's time to post.

RESPECT YOUR CO-CHATTERS : This simply means, have some good manners when chatting. Respect others as much as possible and never ever insult anyone. If you don't like someone in that chatroom, just ignore him/her. Do not be rude and arrogant. Do not try embarrassing someone just because you don't like his avatar, personality or whatever. Also, do not post bet result/s that isnt yours. Specially if the owner of the result did not give you the permission to post it. That is considered a violation against someone's property.

SHOW ETIQUETTE WHEN CHATTING : It's ok to throw silly jokes at times to break the boredom inside the chatroom and make everyone laugh with you, but never throw jokes that are considered degrading and obviously are offensive. Always remember not all jokes are funny specially when it's already below the belt. Please understand that not everyone has the same level of perception. Others can easily get offended. Also, just because you feel so horny, you will then show everyone how pervert you are by throwing those green jokes and other malicious lines, then look for someone to give you the pleasure, and satisfy you. Like duh!? come on! Windice is a gambling site not a porn site, for goodness sake.

NO POSTING OF SMALL BET RESULTS AND RED RESULTS : We already see enough of those small bet results and red results everytime we roll. So please no posting of those stuffs in the chatroom. Besides, nothing seemed special with those small bet results anyway. Ok, let's say you wanna show everyone how proud you are about that roll, but come on, everyone else gets those kind of rolls too. Ok, let's say, you wanna show everyone you encountered 7777, 9999 and 9900 while rolling, unfortunately you missed those, but come on, almost everyday everyone else misses them too, but others don't post these matters in the chat so why don't you do the same? And ok, you just want to show everyone how disappointed or sad you really are for the red results you recently had, but come on, everyone else get red results too. Everyone else loses huge amounts too because of betting. Others are even getting higher red results than you, so why post those red bet results in chat? Come on, no matter how many times you keep posting those red results, you can no longer bring back what has already lost. Yes you can get empathy and sympathy from other players. They might comfort and cheer you up for that, will motivate you more to get back up stronger and smarter but, things will no longer change. What has been done is already done. You're just bringing negativity in the chat because of that.


Stop thanking "rain", asking why you were not included in the rain, and asking what time is the next rain. Firstly, WINDICE RAIN, is a bot, so saying thank you is useless since it wont answer you back, not unless the one who made the rain is a moderator or another player. Do not complain that you were late and you were not able to catch some. Pfft. Even if you were inside the chatroom the whole day, if you do not follow the tips to successfully catch some rain, you still wont be able to catch some. Also bear in mind that chat rain is provided to all active chatters randomly, so do not expect to get some everytime it rains. No begging for tips and asking someone to lend you money. Come on, WINDICE is not a charity site! If you only came here to beg for money, then I suggest you leave right away before our moderators even caught you and put you to shame by giving you mute coins. :D No whining, ranting and crying over spilled milk. Come on! Everyone else loses. Everyone also experiences getting busted but still they try to be positive and have fun. Still they show everyone that they're not affected with those red results they had, they dont whine or rant. They do not complain for they know that in gambling, losing is a normal thing and they understand that they are the ones to take the blame for all the negative they had and not anyone else nor the site. So why don't you feel the same. Stop crying over spilled milk, just move on learn from your mistakes, and stand back up stronger and smarter than the game you're playing. Just be positive always no matter what. Besides, chatrooms are made for pure entertainment and fun. To post announcements about upcoming events, and to celebrate the winning glories and not to hear someone's pain for losing such profits while betting and comfort losers. If you feel like you have already tried your best can see no improvement with your results, better if you just quit playing and look for better options you can have than gambling.

Now that you're done reading all the mentioned rules above and the explanations about it, please do what is stated. Do not be arrogant, doing what you still want to do, making violations. Be matured enough and be professional or take the mutecoins and spend your fun vacation for a couple of minutes to a year, somewhere. :D

Have fun Windice Family. Cheers! 🥂🍾
come on! Windice is a gambling site not a porn site, for goodness sake.

I guess I am going to have to find a new hobby. :)

But, seriously I am going to hold my breath that the "offenders" will read this post. I know they don't care to follow rules or even read them, but one could hope.
I guess I am going to have to find a new hobby. :)

But, seriously I am going to hold my breath that the "offenders" will read this post. I know they don't care to follow rules or even read them, but one could hope.
Yeah sadly almost all of them won't give a damn specially those who loves to do it again and again cuz they're like a "black sheep",.. self-centered and arrogant, enjoying the feeling of constantly breaking rules. But, like you said "one could hope".. hahaha! And am hopeful. Lol. I won't stop hitting them til they finally wake up and do the right thing or get tired and leave. Lol. (Dang, as if I can really do it :D)