Book Review:My Daghestan; a book of love for land!


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My Daghestan; a book of love for land!

My Daghestan is a book written by a Russian author Rasul Gamzatov. The book is wholely comprised on the land Gamzatov himself resided in his lifetime and showed a true picture of it. Gamzatov has used almost all literary genres to elaborate the purpose of writing the book, use of all literary genres and its taste for the land's discovery and convince readers to feel the same as he was feeling.

At the very starting, one can find Gamzatov stating a situation when a newspaper editor asked him to narrate Daghestan in pages between 20-29. It hurt him and he decided to write a book on it, because it was difficult for him to sum up a land, like Daghestan, that can't be spaced within the length editor suggested.

In different chapters, different taste of words and Literary Devices convince a reader to go deep inside the author's words and understand him. He says that the language be the true use of its native. The ones with a different language is no more alive for the nation he belongs.

One can find a statement of a mother while asking Gamzatov about her child who went abroad. He informed the mother that they had a conversation and her child was safe and sound. The first question the mother raised was, 'you both had conversation in which language?' Gamzatov said, 'No, we spoke in their language!' Then the mother narrated, 'Her son has passed away since long, he is no more her son.' while making her scarf on her face which symbolizes the death of someone in their tradition.

However, to be more into the book, the Poetic words described the beauty of Daghestan in the book and the dramatic use of language was a satire for the people who leave their homeland and settle in other country. Fictional space has the role to force readers to be too much interested for reading the book and the non-fictional portion spoke the bitter truth about people and the land.

My Daghestan makes one feel love for the land and for the mother-language of a person. It is just a better way to know what to do when you have a language yourself and living in another's control!